Our two main areas of expertise are grease trap cleaning and collection of used fryer grease.

Grease Trap Cleaning

This service includes the removal of all water, grease and sludge within the grease trap. We scrape down the sides of the trap and any removable baffles, as well as rinse out the trap with water on site.

Ideally, grease traps should be serviced and cleaned before the depth of the grease and solids exceeds 25% of the liquid volume of the grease trap. For optimal performance, service at least once every 4 weeks.

Grease trap cleaning

Collection of Used Fryer Grease

We supply you with 2 different size containers that can be stored outside your premise. We will collect the grease when necessary. This service is free.

Grease trap collection

Our recycling process:

After cleaning out the grease traps and collecting any used fryer grease, all the material is brought back to our processing facility to be further processed. Garbage and water are removed and after several different steps and processes, we are able to extract a now clean and resalable material in the commodity market.

Some items that our yellow grease can now be used for are as pet food additive, cosmetics, soaps, rolling steel, and use in biofuels.